About Dr. K S Mane

A spine specialist, a health professional who focuses mainly on treating spine conditions. skilled as a spine surgeon, with 12 years of working experience in hospitals and clinics. My experience made me able to deal with any patient at any age, easily and smoothly communicating to take a full medical history, perform a physical examination, ordering tests, review and detect abnormal results, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as follow up the patient. Ability to deal with Emergency cases like Disc prolapse, Fracture of the spine, Spondylolisthesis, tuberculosis of the spine, etc. Working in safety measures according to the policy of the institution, and following the laws and rules. I appreciate working with my colleagues as one team in providing high standards of healthcare to our patients.


Completed his MBBS  from BLDEA Medical College Bijapur


Completed Post-graduation from JSS medical college Mysore


Gained Experience from working as a Senior Resident in the department of orthopedics in Goa medical college, Bambolim (Goa). With experience in orthopedic trauma surgeries, with spine surgery as a main super speciality branch.


Completed his Fellowship in spine surgery in oyster and pearl hospital, Pune under the guidance of Dr Rajesh parasnis. a renowned spine surgeon in India.


Joined SDM medical college in the department of orthopedics, Dharwad and started pursuing my passion for Spine Surgery, individually operating complex cases in the spine.

2013 - 2017

Then joined as a Director and Consultant Spine Surgeon in Lakeview group of hospitals, Belgaum

2017 - 2018

Past Chairman of Lakeview group of hospitals

2018 - Present

Deputy MD of Lakeview hospitals


More than 1000 Spine Surgeries

I have performed more than 1000 spine surgeries and perform Microsopic and Endoscopic spine surgeries as well. I also perform complicated surgeries of spinal deformity ( bent spine: scoliosis) correction.

Spine Surgeon for Various Hospitals

I has been visiting Spine Surgeon to various major Orthopedic Hospitals in North Karnataka Goa and south Maharashtra.

Conduct Workshops

I have been a Faculty to Teach Spine Surgery Techniques and Conduct Workshops in Karnataka Orthopedics Association(KOA) meet, and also in various other conferences.

Member of ASSI, KOA & IOA

I am also a Member of ASSI (Association of Spine Surgeons of India), KOA (Karnataka Orthopedic Association) & IOA (Indian Arthopedic Association)

my patient say

"I met a lots of doctors in my life but Dr kirti mane is the best and seriously he deserves to be called as specialist"
gulshan sharma
"I had really good experience with him cause his treatment on my spine is really impressive.I recommend him to all my friendsa and family."
yogesh tiwari
"He uses latest technology to provide best treatment to his patients. i am very much satisfied by his service and care"
nandini kumar
"Everyone was very nice, and it is nice to be treated well since you are the patient in need of help. Caring, smiling and laughing is good atmosphere for patients."
joseph t john