The word Spondylosis strikes fear in everyone, but actually, what does it mean?

It is coined from the Greek term spondylosis means vertebrae ( spine in general) + osis (condition)

It means ” wear and tear ” and is a natural process of aging

If the speed of wear and tear is in accordance with the natural process of aging, we should not worry, only when speed is faster then the problems start.

It may be simple muscle pain or spasm of neck and back muscles or it may turn into serious problems due to intervertebral disc prolapse which can lead to pain radiating to upper and lower limbs, loss of balance while walking and standing or weakness of muscles.

We can all avoid such problems by respecting the physiology of our bodies.

It can be by

. Proper posture
. Good healthy diet
.Respecting your age and it’s requirements
. And last but not the least, ” proper exercise

Wishing you a healthy spine

PS: pain killers are temporary measures of avoiding pain and not a substitute for exercise, irrespective of which doctor prescribes them 😊

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